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Turtle Excursion Confirmation

Proyecto Tinglado
Isla de Culebra
P. O. Box 750, Culebra, PR 00775
1-877-77CORAL (1-877-772-6725)

Thank you very much for your interest in volunteering with the Culebra Sea Turtle Nesting Project.

Group participation is limited to 10 persons per night. Kids must be over 10 years of age. For every four participating minors, there must be one adult. All off island participants must confirm lodging on Culebra for the night of their excursion.

Off island groups are required to send a refundable deposit of $20.00 to CORALations to secure their reservation. The deposit check will be returned to you on the night of your excursion. If the group does not show, the deposit will be treated as a donation to the project. You will receive an email confirming your reservations when the check has been received.

This year there is no federal funding for the community and volunteer component of the project. Therefore, we are asking for donations to cover the cost of the trained technicians responsible for orientation of the volunteers and conducting the excursions. Suggested donations are $10.00 for adults and $5.00 for students 13 and under. All donations are per person per night, and are tax deductible. Your participation is valued as a contribution toward the collection of critical nesting data on the endangered Giant Leatherback Sea Turtles (Dermochelys coriacea) on Culebra.

We need to know the following information for participants:

Name of Group: Contact Phone:
Contact: Cell:
Contact Address: Email:
Reserving for the nights of: Place of Lodging:


Name Email Age (If under 18)

All Participants Must Understand the Following:

As a volunteer, your responsibilities are to assist the technologists working for the Department of Natural and Environmental Resources (DNER) of Puerto Rico by patrolling a nesting beach. You must be in GOOD PHYSICAL CONDITION for this activity. The hike to the beach is steep and challenging. This is an ALL NIGHT excursion, leaving at sunset and returning at sunrise. To minimize disturbance to the nesting sea turtles, IT IS IMPORTANT YOU FOLLOW ALL INSTRUCTIONS. Failure to follow all instructions may result in the immediate termination of the excursion.

Everyone Must Have:

  • Dark colored, cool weather clothing and good tennis or hiking shoes, (PLEASE NO FLIP-FLOPS)
  • Blanket or sleeping bag,
  • Snacks and water,
  • A watch or clock,
  • Insect repellant,
  • Dark colored rain poncho,
  • A reliable flashlight with fresh batteries

Group Leaders please bring your own First Aid Kit

What to Do:

  • Meet at 6:30 PM at the Plaza adjacent to the ferry terminal for orientation,
  • Plan to provide your own transportation from the plaza to the beach, however we should have group transportation available by May. Please confirm this prior to your excursion.

Please recognize that if it rains earlier in the day of your scheduled excursion, the trip may be cancelled at the discretion of the DNER due to safety concerns. You must be aware that it could rain or storm after you arrive on the beach at night. PLEASE, NO WHITE LIGHT, FLASH PHOTOGRAPHY, or RADIOS WILL BE ALLOWED ON THE BEACH. You can use a red filtered flashlight for data collection. Create your own
filter by securing red saran wrap over the lens of your flashlight with a rubber band. Red saran wrap can be found in auto repair stores.

What to Expect on the Beach:

  • When you reach the beach please put the red filter on your flashlights.
  • Everyone walks to center of beach to set up camp.
  • The group breaks down into partners who patrol to opposite sides of the beach at designated intervals.
  • When someone on patrol sees a turtle, they keep their distance and signals a technologist,
  • The technician will tell you when you can approach the animal,
  • Typically volunteers are asked to note any scars or marks on the animal while techs record turtle
    measurements and tag numbers.
  • Volunteers also help by counting the eggs when they emerge from the turtle.
  • The tech will instruct you where to stand so as not to disturb the turtle on her way back into the sea.
  • We expect many turtles this season, so it is critical volunteers maintain a low profile (no laughing or running) when patrolling or walking the shoreline.

CORALations: 1-877CORAL 1-877-77(2-6725)


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